You are here and reading this either because someone told you about the LPF and you wanted to read what it was all about or you are looking for your very own Labradoodle Puppy


 Ok, if the former then, a huge hello to you. Feel free to look through the site and please direct anyone you may know that could benefit from this site’s information. However if you yourself are searching for that new canine family member then read on.


I think we have all been there, we want something so we “Google” …that’s all well and good but when you do that have you noticed the results? endless sites full of breeders, forums and associations claiming this and that and confusing what should be an exciting time for you.


So how do you know where to turn? There are some good breeders out there and armed with our info you should be able to make an informed choice.


The LPF is without a doubt the best resource available on the internet for finding your Doodle puppy. Please follow our puppy search advice and learn from all our other info re: health testing, allergies etc to make the search for your new canine family member an enjoyable one.  






On the LPF you will find correct information into what you should be looking for in your search,  it is then up to you to make an informed decision on which breeder you choose for your new puppy. Please read through this website and feel free to print the puppy search questions for your personal use. 

Please follow the facebook paw icon ( top right of each page ) where you will find litter listings from breeders who say they are compliant with our CoP.